Small Groups 

Small Groups are the lifeblood of our church! We believe that the New Testament believers met two ways in the first century according to the book of Acts.  They met in large groups for worship and in small groups in homes.

The Small Group ministry allows for groups to meet anywhere and anytime.  We are always adding new groups and thinking creatively about how to serve each other.  The Small Group ministry is also focused on being small.  Small meetings allow for deeper conversation, more personal prayer and specific care and service to one another.

Here at Life Stream Church, we want everyone to belong to an intimate, life-changing community of believers—a Small Group!  Within that community, there is fulfillment of the purposes for which God has created you, there is love and acceptance regardless of differences, there is a covenant of confidentiality and accountability, and there is the presence of the Holy Spirit to lead the way. Come be a part of a dynamic Small Group that is dedicated to growing together in the Christian life!

Groups will be kicking off again in September.  Choose what day works best for you then find the study that will help you grow.
Call and speak to Pastor Justin at 636-239-4054 if you have questions about Connecting to a small group and Starting a small group.
There will be great options to choose from that will enhance your life in connecting with others! We are currently looking for people to host and to lead a small group.  
1 pm
Study:  james by francis chan on right now media
1:30 pm
study:  the wellness revelation by alisa keeton
3 pm
study:  adulting (for ages 18-25)
5 pm
study:  tbd (for single ladies)
5:30 pm
STUDY:  The Book of psalms
12-2 pm
Study:  zechariah
6:30 pm
study:  secrets of the secret place by bob sorge
6:30 pm
study:  battlefield of the mind
7 pm
study:  james by francis chan on right now media