Life Stream Church supports many missionaries throughout the US and the world. Our goal is to spread Bible-based, Spirit-empowered, and Christ-centered teaching to every nation and person. 
Terry and Babs Castleberry
Location:  Belize
chaisson, norried and Doris
Norried and Doris Chaisson
Location: Marshall Islands
Doug & Robyn Corbett
Global Healthcare Missions
James and Rachael Courter
Location: Haiti
Carrol & Gayle Deal
Location: Equitorial Guinea
Peter and Rachel Dell
Network 211
Shawn and Deborah Galyen
Location: Spain
godzwa, dave and kelley
David and Kelly Godzwa
Location: Mexico
Justin & Liz Hansen
Location:  Thailand
David and Zenneta Hewkin
Location: Croatia
 Gary & Cindy Higgins
Location:  Latin America
Kirk & Yvonne Jones
Location:  Panama 
Brant and Joanne Jordan
Location: Sierra Leone                            
Jamie and Tasha Kemp
Location: Indonesia
Tim and Jenny Land
Location:  Cameroon
Josh and Carmen Lovelace
Location: Cambodia

Sam & Stephanie Maddux Location: Thailand

Doug & Kerry Marsh
Royal Rangers International
Sam & Lisa Paris
Location:  Vanuatu

Nick Robertson– Eurasia


 Phil and Kimberly Rojak
Location: Papua New Guinea
 Andrea & Darla Snavely
Country:  Europe
Steve and Kim Sobey
Location: Nicaragua
Eric and Amy Spencer
Location: Republic of Congo
turney, mark and victoria
Mark and Victoria Turney
Location:  Togo, Africa
Fredy & Terisa Vasquez
Location:  Honduras
Mark and Lydie Verslues
Location: Congo, Africa
webb, bryan and renee
Bryan and Renee Webb
Location: Vanuatu

Bryan & Cecile Ames- 
Chi Alpha:  Virginia Commonwealth University
Randy and Kathy Cartwright
Rural Compassion
Greg & Rochelle Colegrove
Location: Rural Compassion
Andy & Candice Estrella
Location:  Chi-Alpha- Missouri State University
 hall, james and helen
James and Helen Hall
Urban Missionaries

Jerry & Lisa Harris– Reach Missouri Network

Matthew and Tracy Herman
Chi Alpha  – St. Louis University
Brad and Kari Keller
Youth Alive
lemon, daran and noreen
Daran and Noreen Lemon
Chi Alpha – Utah Valley University
 Severin & Kristina Lwali:
Location:  Chi Alpha- Missouri State University
maracle, john and rana
John and Rana Maracle
Native American Ministries
David and Brenda Pantleo
Biker population
Jack Smart
Rural Freedom
 Eric & Trisha Porter
Orphancare Ministries
Jason & Abby Smith
Location:  Chi-Alpha- Missouri S&T
Loving Hearts

Works with individuals and families who need assistance due to abuse, disaster, medical needs, and poverty

Teen Challenge of St. Louis
teen challenge of st. louis