The mission of the Community Action Teams of Life Stream Church is to provide improvements to the lives of people in Franklin County and areas served locally by Life Stream Church for the purpose of glorifying Jesus and creating witnessing opportunities full of compassion and grace.  
One of our core values is to be a church that gives more than we take.  And, we do it all so that individuals of LSC will glorify Jesus in the community in action and witness.  That means that LSC is not going to simply become a revenue generating source for other agencies like many civic clubs and some churches have become.  We are not simply a volunteer source for other agencies.  As the body of Christ, it is imperative that we give people the opportunity to be used individually in ministry directly to other people receiving service.  Giving money and time, without personal contact from God’s people to those in need, is hiding the light of Jesus from our community.  Every project of the Community Action Team is an outreach intended to create new friendships with whom we can share Jesus.
Community Action for Food Backpacks
Community Action for School Supply Backpacks
Community Action for MECCA Christmas Gifts
Community Action for Annual Heroes’ Thank You Dinners
Community Action for Christmas Baskets