Our History

Rev. Charles Upchurch led the church until Rev. Harold Wright became the pastor around March of 1970.  In 1972, Rev. Jerry Cuneio became the pastor and served until August 17, 1975.  In September of that year, Rev. David Snodderly became the pastor.  For several years they lived in the parsonage on the lower level.

In 1979, Pastor Snodderly led the congregation in a mortgage burning ceremony as the original mortgage was paid off.  Rev. Snodderly built his own home in 1980 and the parsonage was renovated into classrooms and a kitchen.

In 1986, an addition was started to enlarge the building to 8100 square feet of floor space.  It was dedicated on October 4th, 1987.  In 1991, the sanctuary platform was remodeled and enlarged.   (Above: Church as pictured in TPE 1967)

Pastor Snodderly served First Assembly of God for over twenty years.  On May 5th, 1996, Rev. Duane Smith was elected and installed as the pastor.  In 1997, there was a second mortgage burning service conducted by Rev. Smith as the 1987 addition was paid off.

Pastor Smith was followed by Rev. Carry Higgins. Pastor Higgins was followed by Rev. Lonnie Webb who served from September, 2000 to November, 2002.  Pastor Paul Scheperle began as the pastor on Easter Sunday 2003 and continues as the pastor.

Since 2003, the church has grown every year.  The church completed a number of small renovation projects and added a parking lot in 2006.  In June of 2013, the church changed its name to Life Stream Church.  In October of 2013 the church relocated to 551 Lewis and Clark Dr.  Average attendance in 2016 was 295.  In May of 2017, LSC merged with an assembly of God church in Union creating their second campus which opened on September 17, with over 100 in attendance.