Small Groups 

Small Groups are the lifeblood of our church! We believe that the New Testament believers met two ways in the first century according to the book of Acts.  They met in large groups for worship and in small groups in homes.

The Small Group ministry allows for groups to meet anywhere and anytime.  We are always adding new groups and thinking creatively about how to serve each other.  The Small Group ministry is also focused on being small.  Small meetings allow for deeper conversation, more personal prayer and specific care and service to one another.

Here at Life Stream Church, we want everyone to belong to an intimate, life-changing community of believers—a Small Group!  Within that community, there is fulfillment of the purposes for which God has created you, there is love and acceptance regardless of differences, there is a covenant of confidentiality and accountability, and there is the presence of the Holy Spirit to lead the way. Come be a part of a dynamic Small Group that is dedicated to growing together in the Christian life!

The Fall Semester is coming to a close but there will be more groups resuming in January 2018. The info for January groups will be available December 24th.  There will be great options to choose from that will enhance your life in connecting with others!  In addition, there are Living Free support small groups on the “Support Small Groups” page as well.  Call and speak to Pastor Justin at 636-239-4054 if you have questions about Connecting to a small group and Starting a small group.
The Teal Small Group
Led by Denise Teal
We meet Sunday’s at 2pm at Life Stream Church.
Join us as we are studying the book of Romans
The Essary Small Group
Led by Zelda Essary
We meet every Sunday at 5:30 pm at Life Stream Church.  
Bring a snack to share afterwards!  
We will be studying on Prayer
The Nissen Small Group
Led by Brent & Stephanie Nissen
We meet Sunday’s at 1:00 pm at the Nissen’s home.  
We will be reviewing the Sunday Message
We are kid friendly!We share a meal together
The Relentless Small Group
Led by Karen Damiano
We meet on the 2nd & 4th Sunday from  5pm-7pm at Karen Damiano’s. 
We will be studying “The Book Of Ruth” by Bianca Juarez Olthoff
We welcome single ladies
The Davis Small Group
       Led by Karen Davis for Ladies only                                                    We meet Monday’s at 9:30 AM at LSC-Union
We are studying “Without Rival” By Lisa Bevere
        We are unable to accommodate kids.
The McKim Small Group
Led by David McKim
We meet Tuesday’s at 6:30 pm at the McKim’s home.
Our group is doing Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby.
We cannot accommodate kids
The Kramme Small Group
Led by Dennis and Bille Kramme
We meet Tuesday’s at 6:30 pm at the Kramme’s home
Our study is “Growing In Prayer”
We are older kid friendly
The Henning Small Group
Led by Pastor Justin and Annie Henning
We meet Tuesday’s at 7 pm at Pastor Justin’s
Our group is studying “Follow Me” by Andy Stanley
We are not able to accommodate kids.
Billie Kramme Ladies Small Group
Hosted & Led by Billie Kramme
We meet Thursday’s at 12:30 pm.
We will be studying “Having A Mary Spirit” by Joanna Weaver
We are not able to accommodate kids
The Temple Small Group
Led by Jonas & Kristin Temple
We meet Friday’s at 6:30 PM at the Temples
We are studying Andy Stanley series “Killing It”
We are kid-friendly!
The Whistler Small Group
Led by Stephen and Candi Whistler.
We meet Friday’s at 6:30 pm at the Whistler’s Home
We will be studying out of the Book of James
We are kid-friendly
The Noud Small Group
Led by Jeff & Maggie Noud
We meet Friday’s at 6:30 pm at rotating homes  
We are studying the Book of Hebrews.  
We are older-kid-friendly.
The Widows Small Group-
Lead by Pat Todd
We meet each Thursday at 9AM at Life Stream Church- Union Campus