Life Stream Church supports many missionaries throughout the US and the world. Our goal is to spread Bible-based, Spirit-empowered, and Christ-centered teaching to every nation and person. 
 Jason & Georgina Bottcher
Location:  North Africa
Terry and Babs Castleberry
Location:  Belize
chaisson, norried and Doris
Norried and Doris Chaisson
Location: Marshall Islands
 corbett, doug
Doug Corbett
Global Healthcare Missions
courter, james and rachael
James and Rachael Courter
Location: Haiti
davis, aaron and julie
Aaron and Julie Davis
Location: Czech Republic
 Eric & Trisha Porter
Orphancare Ministries
Peter and Rachel Dell
Network 211
Dean and Peggy Galyen
Location: Zimbabwe
Shawn and Deborah Galyen
Location: Spain
godzwa, dave and kelley
David and Kelly Godzwa
Location: Mexico
Justin & Liz Hansen
Location:  Thailand
David and Zenneta Hewkin
Location: Croatia
 Gary & Cindy Higgins
Location:  Latin America
Kirk & Yvonne Jones
Location:  Panama 
jordan, brant and joanne
Brant and Joanne Jordan
Location: Sierra Leone, Africa                            
kemp, jamie
Jamie and Tasha Kemp
Location: Indonesia
Tim and Jenny Land
Location:  Cameroon
Josh and Carmen Lovelace
Location: Cambodia
Michael and Melanie Lutes
Location: Ukraine
Sam & Lisa Paris
Location:  Vanuatu
 Phillip and Kimberly Rojack
Location: Papua New Guinea
 Andrea & Darla Snavely
Country:  Europe
Steve and Kim Sobey
Location: Nicaragua
Eric and Amy Spencer
Location: Republic of Congo
turney, mark and victoria
Mark and Victoria Turney
Location:  Togo, Africa
Fredy & Terisa Vasquez
Location:  Paraguay 
Mark and Lydie Verslues
Location: Congo, Africa
webb, bryan and renee
Bryan and Renee Webb
Location: Vanuatu
Randy and Kathy Cartwright
Rural Compassion
Greg & Rochelle Colegrove
Location: Rural Compassion
Andy & Candice Estrella
Location:  Chi-Alpha- Missouri State University
 hall, james and helen
James and Helen Hall
Urban Missionaries
Matthew and Tracy Herman
Chi Alpha  – St. Louis University
keller, brad and kari
Brad and Kari Keller
Youth Alive
lemon, daran and noreen
Daran and Noreen Lemon
Chi Alpha – Utah Valley University
 Severin & Kristina Lwali:
Location:  Chi Alpha- Missouri State University
maracle, john and rana
John and Rana Maracle
Native American Ministries
Doug & Kerry Marsh
Royal Rangers International
pantleo, david and brenda
David and Brenda Pantleo
Biker population
Jack Smart
Rural Freedom
Loving Hearts

Works with individuals and families who need assistance due to abuse, disaster, medical needs, and poverty

Teen Challenge of St. Louis
teen challenge of st. louis

Bryan & Cecile Ames– Chi Alpha

Jerry & Lisa Harris– Reach Missouri Network

Sam & Stephanie Maddux:  Thailand

Nick Robertson– Eurasia